Bert & Bertha Thumb originally opened Berties back in 1966 right on Main Street smack in the middle of Daytona Beach Florida. Berties was a small little diner pumping out big food. Back then Berties was well known for breakfast and lunch. In 1968 Bert sold the business to the Watson family. Gordon Watson passed away in 1977 and Berties was taken over by his son Larry, who at that time owned a Texaco station right in front of The Hawaiian Inn. Larry and his mother Veronica ran a tight ship and had quite an adventure operating Berties. They had wild times due to Nascar , Bike Week and Biketoberfest along with all the crazy spring breakers. Berties stood on Main Street till 1990 and then moved over to BellAir Plaza. You can still find Larry and his mother Veronica actively involved in the restaurant operations. Larry is the line cook preparing the customers breakfast and lunch meals and also preps the homemade recipes used for many of the menu items. Veronica still acts as the customer service advocate on weekends and special event periods. She answers the phone, takes carryout orders, greets the customers upon their arrival and manages the cash flow by working the cash register on the weekends, even though she is 92 years old. Don’t tell her we mentioned her age. She might get bothered, you know how women are about their age. She can tell you a lot about Berties history and all the wild action that has happened throughout the years. As a matter of fact you can ask almost any of the regulars that frequent the diner. We have customers that have breakfast and/or lunch at Berties everyday, and have for many, many years.

Berties is now owned by Jerry & Terri Hayes.  Jerry’s parents, Helen and Jack Hayes, operated the “Shrimp Boat” in Athens Georgia, a restaurant just steps away from the University of Georgia and Sanford Stadium. Terri is a good ol’ southern bell that knows her way around a kitchen. With the exception of the past few years, she has been employed in the food and beverage/hospitality industry since the day she turned 16 years old. In addition, she grew up in a large family and always helped her mom prepare food for 50 or more family and friends during the holidays. You have got to try her special homestyle lunches, soups, and stews. They are to die for. So if you want some cozy, wholesome, southern country cooking, stop by and pay Berties a visit. You won’t regret it!



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